Need Motivation To Hit The Gym? 8 Types Of Cute Outfit ideas!

Need Motivation To Hit The Gym? 8 Types Of Cute Outfit ideas!

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By GirlStyle on 15 May 2018

It's the mid of the year, is your new year's resolution to keep fit going well?

Trust me, get a really cute gym outfit. It might work better than signing up for an expensive gym membership.

Here are some BASIC options to the gym:

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Some tips before hitting the gym!
Casually, people wear regular tank tops, loose/regular tee shirts with exercise shorts/tights. I'd kill myself if I have to pin those bangs up and look ugly. You can wear your hair in a ponytail, braids or a bun.  Keep your brows on and if you want to, put on some long-lasting waterproof foundation.

  1. Black Tank Top / Black Jacket / Black bottom shorts or pants
    Mimalistic is trendy. To look cool and not plain, simply pull a coat over and put on a pair of shades. Downplay on colours and play up on the classics.

pinterest, Bella Hadid
Photo from pinterest, Bella Hamid

2. All Black with Basic Makeup and a Towel 
Selena looks on point in simple gym clothes with a nicely teased ponytail, drawn brows and a white towel drape over her shoulder. It can be this easy but note the subtle makeup, hair and accessories make a difference.

Pinterest, Selena Gomez
Photo from Pinterest, Selena Gomez

3. Matching Exercise Top and Bottom
Kylie Jenner posing in a matching lime green and grey outfit by Superdry.  Kourtney Kardashian in her choice black sports bra and translucent black tights. Well, try not to choose greys because it is subjective. You can easily get matching outfits from Lululemon, asos and other sport shops.

pinterest, Kourtney Kardashian with Kylie Jenner
Photo from pinterest, Kourtney Kardashian with Kylie Jenner

4. Crossback Sports Bra/ White Loose Tank Top/ Tights/ White Shoes/ Black Cap
Feeling sexy? Sporty subtleness is a new form of sexiness. Pair it with your signature lipstick and singlet baring your back while keeping the cap and sports shoes on.

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5. Plain Sports Bra/ Pants with Prints
Break out of the simple by having occasional fun with prints and patterns.

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6. Branded Sports Bra/ Baggy Pants
Turn on some music, put in your headphones. You're ready for street dance and cool moves. Swagggggg.

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7. Red Knitted Sports Bra/ Pants/ Shades
Sometimes, you can just look cool without actually working out.

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8. BFF loves
Lastly, pair up with your amazing BFF in your favourite sports gear. Choose an outfit, a cutting or a style that best suit your body shapes. You're in this together and you're ready for the gym and Instagram!

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Text by: Girlsdaily SG

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