3 Apps You Need To 'Up Your Game' On Instagram

3 Apps You Need To 'Up Your Game' On Instagram

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By GirlStyle on 15 May 2018

A picture is worth a thousand words. If you want to understand someone, look at their Instagram. Agree?

These days, people don't merely exchange numbers. Meeting someone new goes beyond that and it often means exchanging Instagram handlers. And guess what? We only have one chance to set an impression.

Check out these 3 photo editing apps you could use to let your (Instagram) feed tell your story!

Photo: Schedugram
Photo from Photo: Schedugram

When Instagram was first introduced, people were hooked because they liked the idea of sharing special moments with their loved ones.

To some, happiness could come in the form of attending a concert or sharing a plate of waffle topped with their favourite salted caramel ice-cream.

Today, the definition of Instagram has slightly shifted. It is more of a medium for self-expression. Foodies would post their daily hunt while the fashionistas would post photos in their #ootd.

The good news here is that no matter what your interests are, there is surely an app here to help your photos look better!

    1. Yummify your food with Photoshop Fix

Photoshop Fix is perfect for photos that need minimal edits. It allows users to increase saturation and lighting in specific parts of the photo without affecting the rest of it.

If you want to highlight those sprinkles on your meal without your cheese losing its original shade, you could increase the saturation at that exact spot without ruining the photo.

Download your free Photoshop Fix on Google Playstore or the iOS App Store now!

2. Recreate that '90s look with Gudak

Photo: Amvsement
Photo from Photo: Amvsement

If you are one of those who don't usually pay for apps, Gudak might very well change your mind.

Fresh out of the oven from South Korea, Gudak was inspired by the Korean word 'Gudagali', an old Korean term for 'outdated'.

Just as its name suggests, Gudak is designed like our old-school Kodak disposable camera which also comes with a small digital viewfinder. It restricts users to 24 shots a day and each photo would take up to 3 full days for the virtual roll of film to fully develop.

If you have an old soul who appreciate a bit of light leak and '90s vibes in your photos, get your hands on Gudak Cam from the App Store now!

3. Exude Your Film Noir Game With BLACKCAM


If you are one of those who wants a black and white feed on your profile, you're going to need a reliable app to help you with the finishing touches before it goes up on Instagram.

BLACKCAM's user-friendly interface allows everyday users to navigate around and edit their photos like a pro. With a few taps on your screen, you too can enjoy a diverse amount of filters that can give you the whole deep noir or emotional feels.

Get your ticket to transform your Instagram into a classy, film noir feed now at the App Store and Google Playstore!

Text by: Girlsdaily SG

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